New Arthritis Cure

Natural ingredients to help relief joint pain and inflammation

Provailen Review - Hype or Help for Arthritis?

How would you like to have a magic pill that, when taken daily, eliminated your arthritis pain? Suppose that magic pill not only eliminated the pain of arthritis, but also actually worked to restore health to your painful joints?

And, suppose this magic pill was comprised of only 100% natural ingredients that are completely safe to take either alone, or with other medications?

There really is a pill that makes all of these claims, but it has absolutely nothing to do with magic, and everything to do with clinically proven ingredients that work with the body's own immune system to restore health to painful, arthritis joints, as well as supporting muscles and connective tissues associated with these joints.

This magical pill with alot of clinical proof and natural ingredient is called provailen. Please click here to visit their official site

What Is Provailen? Does it have any benefits?

Provailen works with your body to actually fight arthritis instead of masking the pain with analgesics, and YES! there is more good news. It has positive benefits for yur arthritis joint pain and inflammation. See some below;

Provailen stops the attack of the body's own immune system against arthritic joints;

Provailen boosts and nurtures the body's immune system to revert it to a healthy functioning level;

Provailen works to ease the inflammation of painful joints while they heal.

Provailen contains no addictive or harmful drugs, and no known side effects

It only contains natural ingredients that do not require a doctor's prescription,

Clinically proven with unique formula to work on your joint pain, stiffness and inflammation.

How Does Provailen Work?

Provailen contains three key ingredients that work in conjunction with each other to restore health to swollen, inflamed, arthritic joints.

These three ingredients are:

  • Reishi: A natural mushroom fungi, Reishi boosts the function of the adrenocortical system to do its job in keeping the immune system functioning at healthy levels. This complements its natural anti-inflammatory properties to provide fast pain relief.

  • Tongkat Ali - 50:1 (TA-50): Very potent ingredient that helps to repair and rebuild muscles that have atrophied. "Atrophy" is a term that basically means "wasting away" and it happens to muscles that are inactive. Because people who suffer from arthritis find it painful to move around, they do so less frequently, and this causes muscles to atrophy. This results in a vicious circle effect because atrophied muscles are unable to properly support painful joints, and the pain continues to increase as the situation worsens. Because Tongkat Ali rectifies the atrophy, the pain improves.

  • Capsaicin: Allows the body to more easily absorb the above two ingredients, by increasing the blood flow to the small blood vessels that serve the affected bones, tissues, and joints. It further works to restore health to the damaged tissues, which in turn alleviates inflammation, which decreases pain.

Are There Clinical Studies To Support These Claims?

Of course, there is a wealth of data that supports the benefits as propounded by Provailen. The main ingredient, Reishi, has been the focus of several studies, including one conducted at the prestigious University of Texas, in which Dr. William B. Stavinhoa reported that Reishi's effectiveness is equivalent to a similar dose of hydrocortisone, a steroid that is often injected into joints for pain relief.

Reishi was determined to be superior to hydrocortisone, however, because it fostered healing of the joint, whereas hydrocortisone only masks the pain of arthritis, allowing the sufferer to only continue to damage the joint.

Another well-known and respected physician, Dr. Andrew Weil, specifically names Reishi as an important weapon in the fight against immune defective disorders, such as arthritis; he also recommends Reishi to treat other immune system disorders as well.

In fact, the number one cancer treatment center in the United States, M. D. Anderson, is beginning the use of "immunotherapy" instead of "chemotherapy". This applies to all immune system disorders, including arthritis; and, this is what Provailen is all about.

What Is The Recommended Dosage of Provailen?

Provailen Medication

Just two Provailen pills daily, once in the morning and once in the evening, is all that is needed to begin experiencing relief within a few days, although the period of time between beginning the medication and gaining relief can vary from person to peron. This dosage can also be varied according to the needs of the individual.

If fewer pills are needed, there is certainly nothing wrong with reducing the dosage. So, what are you waiting for click the link below to begin your medication.

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What Can Healthier Joints Mean For You?

No more pain when getting out of bed each morning;

No more avoiding the stairs;

Enjoying sleep-filled nights without being awakened by pain;

More flexibility will mean less risk of falling.


Provailen is, without a doubt, a revolutionary product that will not only restore health to painful arthritic joints - it will, for some, restore the joy of living.

How Has Provailen Helped Other Arthritis Sufferers? You want social proof

Yes, you will see below the testimonials of arthritis patients or sufferers who have used provailen to stop joint pain and inflammation and has improved the quality of their life. You too can have a better life starting from today.

See what some of them had to say after using this natural herbal ingredient so you too can have the confidence in buying your own provailen pills without any negative side effect. These testimonies are from the 
 company's official website

"My name is Tracy and I'm 45 years old and I've suffered with Reactive Arthritis in my left ankle and my lower back for the last 15 years.

In the past I have taken strong medication which has affected my quality of life. I don't like taking medication at all

Since I started taking Provailen 7 months ago I haven't had to take any medication or pain relief and I haven't had any side affects. My doctor is amazed that I am able to work.

I work in Catering and I am on my feet all day and I'm not suffering in pain any more. I am 100% happy with Provailen."

Thank you for a great product

Tracy, Australia, 2013

Here is my story...

"Around 2006 i developed psoriatic arthritis, and it caused most my fingers to become swollen and stiff with immflamation.

It took months to bring under control, and i had to take the typical NSAID drugs.

About 18 months ago, due to having to help unload heavy items at work, i suffered another serious flare up. This time the drugs were not doing well. I took Diclofenac for months with omeprazole, with limited effect.

Earlier this year my knees were hurting and the soles of my feet. I was offered Leflunomide by the rhematologist, and almost agreed to it, but after reading the very serious potential side effects, i decided not to. I felt i was trapped.

I decided to search the internet, and came across Provailen.
I ordered an initial bottle, and after a couple of weeks realised things were improving.

I recently ordered 4 bottles of Provailen, and after taking 4 a day for about a month, the reduction of pain and stiffness is impressive.

I am currently continuing with 2 per day, and feel good. I feel that Provailen has exceeded the benefit of any conventional anti immflamatory i have used, and i am grateful for such a product without any side issues to note."

Mihailo Bacanin, United Kingdom, 2013

 Where To Buy Provailen

The best place to buy this pill is from its official website, so that you can be absolutely sure of what you are getting and that you can trust the seller. Please NOTE that now you cannot find this supplement in physical stores or shops.

Provailen can  be only be found on its website for now. Any other place can certainly not be trusted, and it would be very difficult to verify the legitimacy or authenticity of these sources.

BTW: You can get the product from the official site in here.

Their price is actually very competitive considering the high grade of both quality and potency of the supplement and they give you a few different price options when it comes to how much you want to buy.

This is great because it means if you are skeptical you can start off small, and perhaps return to buy a bigger bottle later on if you get the results you want.

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